Gender Violence Curriculum 

Campus safety through awareness, leadership, and action!

What we learn

Our evidence-based curriculum empowers students by strengthening their individual knowledge about gender violence. It recognizes that the world around us profoundly impacts our social conditions and how we create relationships – when we learn to name the negative social constructs that limit our potential, we can build healthy relationships free of violence. We believe that understanding the systems that perpetuate social inequality are central to ending gender violence. This intersectional approach to naming systemic oppression allows participants to understand both individual and group power. The Peers curriculum emphasizes that social spaces shape social identities and that by empowering ‘the self within the other’ we can move to build a stronger and safer community for everybody.

How we learn it

Through a dialogue based model of education, trained peer mentors facilitate small group discussions on issues of social identity, interpersonal relationships, media literacy, and bystander intervention. With asset based learning and critical reflection, participants build communities of learning that foster and build their leadership skills. Participants engage in group activities, testimonial narratives, and facilitated dialogues by trained professionals. Participants get 12 hours of training over the course of three days which allows them to build strong personal relationships through a shared experience at Camp MacLean. Building personal relationships with peers from different student populations is among the greatest values for building sustainable allies in social change.

Success Story!!

In the fall of 2014 Marcus Guerra attended Peers where he developed an action plan to create positive social change as an ROTC cadet. With the support from ROTC, the Campus Advocacy Network, and alums from Peers, Marcus developed a bystander intervention training that was given to over 200 cadets from seven different Colleges and Universities in the Chicagoland Area. Way to go Marcus!!