Research and Reports

Impact by numbers


The retreat increases students’ understanding of being an ally: 

“Not being gay, but supporting someone’s decision to be and participating in their movement as an ally”

“Being in the privileged group, we can speak openly and ‘on the same level’ with people who share the same privilege and, ideally, [they will] listen to us” {sic}

“I had never shared what I shared and I actually teared up which usually I can control but it felt so good to share a piece of my story and to hear others because it felt inspiring” [sic]

The retreat helps students build relationships with students from different peer groups:

“Hearing people’s testimony… it was amazing to have people open up to others they didn’t know well and to open myself up to others I didn’t know well”

“The most powerful moment was the testimonial because everyone got to really share with one another their experience… getting to know each other because it made me understand the behavior of each person and well most of the people here are survivors and that if they are, why not me?”


2014 Participant Testimonies

“Seeing real people, say real things, in real time, made me feel and believe that intervention was possible no matter who you are, what your background is, or what the situation is.”

“I’m becoming more involved with the University. I started my own campus organization this semester. And I wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t gone on this trip.”

“Had I not gone through this trip it wouldn’t have opened doors to other social justice issues that I now care about. I know that I’m more like a socio-economic human rights social justice [person], but [the retreat] opened up issues of gender violence and domestic violence… I normally wouldn’t have been aware or interested in.”

“I feel like the more people there are like us around, the safer I feel on campus. And the more I pay attention, more people become involved with these issues, the more we can change it.”



We have numbers to come! Very exciting!