2016 Leadership Retreat

Join us for the 2016 retreat! Registration is now CLOSED.

If you are looking to strengthen your leadership abilities, learn about interpersonal violence, and develop bystander intervention skills this retreat is for you!

Peers to Allies is a unique opportunity for students from different areas of the UIC campus to come together and build a stronger and safer community. Whether you are new in developing your leadership voice or an expert on issues of gender violence, there is something for everyone at Peers! 

The Peers to Allies leadership retreat is held at Camp MacLean in the beautiful woods of Wisconsin! Aside from team building and content training sessions, participants have an opportunity to enjoy the vast outdoor activities of Camp MacLean’s lake, hiking trails, or skydeck. Click here to learn more about Camp MacLean.

This free 2016 retreat will take place on September 16 – 18. Vans will be leaving UIC on Friday the 16th at 11:00 am and will return promptly on Sunday at 7:00 pm. We will provide absentee letters for those who will be missing classes on Friday afternoon. This year is going to be amazing! We can’t wait for you be a part of this year’s experience!

Meet the 2016 Peer Mentors!

James Phillip Esparza

Sarah Rappe

More to be announced.

Meet Peers to Allies Staff!

Stephanie Hicks

Scout Bratt

Ashley Y. Stone

Aja D. Reynolds

More to be announced.


Here’s why some of last year’s peers want you to attend:

“You will be able to network and learn how to utilize this web to implement new strategies to prevent interpersonal violence.”

“1) It’s free. Take advantage of anything free in life, especially in college because you want to get the most out of your tuition. 2) Lots of fun I promise. Kayaks, paddle boats, rope obstacle course, zip line, campfire. You’ll meet new people and get to know them through fun activities and just hanging out. 3) Learn more about important social justice issues and become a part of something bigger and be a voice that will be heard.”

“Free event that brings people across campus to a safe environment to discuss social injustice. Enjoy nature and create new friendships to help encourage you and other to help create social change.”

“You will be surrounded by a sense of community and like-minded people who share interests in topics of social justice and gendered relations.”